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Automotive Chemicals Division

The Automotive Chemicals Division provides support for customers, starting from their development phase, in a wide variety of fields including automobile-related raw materials for chemicals, raw materials for resin, products, ancillary facilities/molds, and production by commissioning. As a solution provider, it offers total coordination services even for collaborative development of new materials and cutting-edge technologies.
With the rapid globalization of the automotive industry in recent years, this division, in collaboration with its customers' overseas bases, has constructed a framework for properly responding to the needs for physical distribution services, local procurement of products/raw materials, and other activities both in Japan and abroad. It will work to contribute to the ever-expanding automobile-related industries.

Customers' Industrial Fields

Automobile-related industries

Leading Products

Commodity resins, synthetic rubbers, elastomers, engineering plastics, high-function resins, synthetic resin products (injection-molded articles, contour extrusion-molded articles, decorative molded articles, precision molded articles), molds, functional coating materials, adhesives, functional additives, organic/inorganic chemical products, silicones
Leading Products


Support for global expansion

The Automotive Chemicals Division exports and imports raw materials ranging from low-cost to high-function articles and, in addition, gives an introduction to locally available such materials to meet customers’ needs for overseas global development.
The division proposes total coordination of processes, from designing to manufacture, with regard to molded resin parts and raw materials for automobiles.
Support for global expansion
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