Fine Chemicals

The Fine Chemicals Division is working to distribute and develop fine chemical products with high added value, focusing on the promotion of contract processing operations under the theme of "monozukuri (shop-floor production)" and the development of special chemical goods in collaboration with overseas networks. In China, it can respond to customers’ needs based on experience accumulated through trading over the years and its information networks.

Specified Agents (lines of business)

  • Reducing agents: Sodium borohydride (SBH) in powder form (Kemira)
  • Reducing agents: Sodium borohydride (SBH) in liquid form (Kemira)


Contract synthesis

Contract synthesis
Suggesting global contract synthetic reactions

The Fine Chemicals Division meets customers' needs regarding quality standards, style of packing, delivery period, etc. by utilizing the advanced synthetic techniques of Goko Kasei Industrial Co., Ltd., one of our group companies that specializes in contract synthesis, and other subcontracting manufacturing companies both in Japan and abroad.
Having a good track record in collaborating with manufactures excelling at contract syntheses, this division makes appropriate suggestions, according to customers' requests.

- Distillation, purification    - Filtration, crystallization
- Bromination                    - Grignard reaction
- Inorganic synthesis         - Friedel-Crafts reaction
- Hydrogenation reaction    - Metallic recovery (rare earthes), etc.

See the relevant page under Goko Kase Industrial Co., Ltd.

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