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Household Equipment/Building Materials

The Industrial Materials Division is engaged mainly in the distribution of general-purpose resins, imported resins, engineering plastic resins, and other building materials. Further, this division not only is providing coordination services for extrusion, injection, and other resin moldings for interior and exterior use in accordance with customers' needs but also is doing tripartite fat materials trade among domestic, Asian, and Southeast Asian makers.

Lines of Products

  • Synthetic resins (domestic makers' products and imports)
    ・ General-purpose products: PP, PE, PS, ABS, PVC, EVA
    ・ Engineering plastics: PC, PBT, POM, PA, elastomers
    ・ Sheets
  • Resin additives
    ・ PVC plasticizers, PVC stabilizers, antioxidants, antistats, compatibilizing agents, dispersing agents, glass fibers, masterbatches
  • Resin moldings (Moriroku Chemicals' plants and OEM production)
    ・ Injection moldings, metal insert moldings
    ・ Extrusion moldings
  • Other products
    ・ Drying agents


Coordination services for resin materials, metallic molds, and molded parts for exterior and interior products

With its comprehensive strength extending from selection of materials to mold fabrication to molded articles, the Lifestyle Products Division suggests the best solution for customers in accordance with their requirements for resin products (injection and extrusion molded parts).

Globally supplying a wide variety of resin materials

Through its global network with our group's overseas affiliate companies and bases, this division is promoting tripartite fat materials trade among domestic, Asian, and Southeast Asian makers to provide the world with a large variety of resin materials.
Moriroku Chemicals Group's Asian bases

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